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Manning and Braddy participate in the charity golf game for $ 20 million
The philanthropic golf game participated in the rain in the rain in South Florida.

The bad weather did not stop the four people cheap jerseys from china turning this charitable game into a fun horses. The combination of Tiger Woods and Peiton Manning is overcome the combination of Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady. However, the results of the game are not important. It is important that this competition has raised $ 20 million in good money.

After the classics of the two people in 2018, Woods had been prepared cheap jerseys for sale a long time in Die Kolsen, and in the outbreak of the epidemic, this emphasis was determined to join Manning and Braddy’s depends. A few weeks ago, this game added a fundraising link, and the fans can have the opportunity to watch live broadcast.

All four people have a lot of color, especially Braddy. Although he played a bad time in the top nine holes, he scored a birdball in a seventh hole. This means that the professional golf player Brooks Koepka has donated $ 100,000. When he saw Braddy’s bad performance, he called if the latter could play a flat standard lever in the top nine cave, cheap football jerseys for sale he would make a donation.

Woods and cheap nfl jerseys online Manning’s combination are all leading, including Woods’ performance is particularly good. He completely completed all the battles. This is the first time he is in front of the public in front of the Gregory Open.

In addition to the four players’ performances, Charles Barkley, which was commended, and the current world ranked 4th professional golf player Justin Thomas also added a lot of fun. Celebrity donations calls. In the end, after the four players have already donated $ 10 million before the game, they were raised to $ 10 million while playing.