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Trading deadline is close to the star player
The deadline for the wholesale nfl jerseys of this season is fixed on October 28th. It is only about one week from the deadline, and the Seattle Harvie has used Percy Harvin’s transaction to open this good play. Scene, let’s take a look at what we are familiar with star players are also in transaction swirls. wholesale nfl jerseys for sale official website famous media people Ian Rapoport offers us a three-player name.

1. Tampa Bay pirates Entry Wensent – Jackson (Vincent Jackson)

Labott said that the pirates have long been taken behind their number one, cheap nfl jerseys online and many teams have contracted. The pirates currently only have a deserted victory. External connections are not their most urgent to improve, and they prefer to train Mike Evans this year’s first new show, so they are willing to accept any reasonable. Quote.

2. Buffalo Biri running guards CJ-Spille (C. J.SPiller)

This year, the contract year, but he is increasingly attacked in the position in the team, and the time is from the old manifold Fred Jackson and the Anthony Dixon. Bill Dog Doug – Malone seems to never know how to maximize Spil’s role.

Darlas denim started to exchange Spitle from last season, and their star running Guyde Marke, although the state is hot, but there is too much suspicion, the cowboy also hopes to win a reliable Replacement running guards to share the Attack pressure of Murray. But unfortunately, Yesterday, Buffalo, the Schille kid fracture reimbursement, and his trading prospects were blinded.

3. Cincinnati Matiga Near Duanfeng Jiemein – Jermaine Gresham

Last year, Tiger chose a new Xiu near Thaler-Efte (Tyler Eifert) as a key cultivation of the team. This season, Efte is suffering from the blood, and the old Greham’s play time is greatly compressed, and Greham is still in the contract year, and it is better to return to the free player, but also to take the return as soon as possible. It is reported that Seattle Hawks are very interested in Greham.