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49 people line Wei Ru Ben – Foster is banned two games
Due to the recent arrest of illegal holding firearms and cannabis, Wholesale NFL Jerseys China 49 people’s line Wei Foster will accept the penalties for the ban.

Alliances announced the ban on the US time on Tuesday, Foster violates personal behavioral policies and drug abuse policies, which can also participate in training camps and appearance before being banned.

Foster wrote in the statement: “I accept the decision of the alliance, and apologize for the mistakes of the crime, I hurt the team. I should take responsibility for the team, fans and this community. I will learn. Lessons learned better in the future. The support of harvest in the past five months makes me grateful. ”

Initially, Foster was prosecuted by business violence, and 49 people ban him cheap nfl jerseys from china participating in the race season. After witnesses the suspects of the lie, Foster, he returned to the training ground.

John Lynch, General Manager, Cheap Jerseys from china free shipping John Lynch, said: “We understand and support the decision of the alliance. It is also unfortunately two weeks before the regular season. We will continue to guide him, let him Make more sensible decisions, reduce unnecessary trouble. I am very happy to see Lu Ben’s responsibility. “