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Bill defensive coordinator does not care about the elderly goose
The former Lion coach Jim-Schwar Schwartz is currently a new defensive coordinator in Buffalo, which may get the red recruit for the hometown of the lion in this week. Schwarz said he didn’t care about this.

When he was asked to ask him how to entertain him, nfl jerseys Schwaritz was cryed, a strike. “This is not important,” he said to Buffalo News. “I only care about the game. This is certainly not important.”

Schwarz said that he cared was only a routine business. “All weeks,” Schwarz said. “I used to have a visitor to the team, so I know where the team’s dressing room is, and I know where the main team is locked. This is a very important game cheap nfl jerseys free for sale us. This is the scene of the game, and We have already lost. We need to win the game, whether it is for the lion or other teams. Everyone is in touch with other teams in the alliance. Each coach coached a team. These factors Both have nothing to do with the game. ”

Schwarz will not have any differences this week. Lion fans may send a visual team more than usual.