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Packaging out outside Adam: The team has a new way to challenge 49 people’s defensive group
In the two teams of the two teams, the San Francisco 49 people won the Green Bay packaging. This fact makes many people think that 49 people will repeat the history in the national contest.

However, when the packaging works, Davante Adams is asked, how can the package can avoid fiasco, and have a new solution from his tone.

“Obviously, we only took 8 points, lost more than 20 points, obviously the game is not good enough,” Adams said. “This is not criticizing Matt and anyone. The player’s execution is obviously not good enough, but these two points are interchanged. cheap nfl jerseys for sale the current game plan, I really like it, I think this is Challenge the better way to defensive groups. ”

We will soon know what the new solution said by Adams, but it is clear that the packaging work has been continuously improved since the twelfth week. Their defensive group, especially the ball shock, so that the opponent suffocates. The offensive group seems to have more tacit, and Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale the game to defeat Seattle Hawks last week is the best proof.

Of course, when playoffs, in the session, in the finals, the finals of the finals were defeated their opponents, cheap nfl jerseys although the four-point guards of packaging workers reached 91.0, the team’s record was only 4 wins and 5 losses. In fact, the last five seasons of the packwork has lost the team lost to the regular season.

Of course, this is Matt Lafleur leading the first player of the package, and they only have a step away from the super bowl. Maybe they can change history. We will soon know if they can do this.