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Lightning runs to Gordon: teammates support their own dismissal decisions
Beijing July 18th Run Wendo Gordon hopes to get a new contract before the training camp in Los Angeles, and he is ready to dismiss it if you can’t tend.

Gordon said that his teammates support his decision, wholesale jerseys from china even though they will not be able to train with their starting running guards.

“They all support me. They all force me,” Gordon said. “They all tell me & lsquo; do you know what & mdash; & mdash; we really don’t discuss contractual questions & mdash; & mdash; but you only do what is the most beneficial to your family. & Rsquo; I am very happy that I got their support. ”

Not just Gordon teammates support his dismissal decision. “Many running guards, I want to tell me let go, get what I should have,” Gordon said. “Many. Many starting players. Many, many running guards.”

Many running guards will certainly support Gordon get a big contract. Any behavior wholesale nfl jerseys that promotes the running savered market can provide more opportunities to themselves. Last year, Gordon supported the Tipburgh Steelman ran to Zitzburgh, Ratti, Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell), the latter also got a lot of running guards.

Gordon’s broker said last week if he could not get a new contract, he may choose not to participate in the training camp, and it may not participate in the regular season. In the case of no new contract, Gordon may also ask wholesale jerseys for sale trading. However, Gordon tested himself to lightning during an interview.

As we saw in Bell last year, Bell opened the regular season and later obviously no longer planned to participate in the game, his teammates changed their views. And if Gordon will eventually absent this year, then we can see if his teammates will continue to support him.