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Black Leopard and Line Weaphasi – Thompson Contains cheap jerseys for sale 4 years
US time Saturday, the black panther announced that it is 4 years cheap jerseys for sale SHMPSON. The total contract is 54.2 million US dollars, and wholesale jerseys the incentive clause can be reached 57 million US dollars. According to NFL NetWork reporters, contracts include $ 16 million of contract bonuses, 28 million US dollars.

Marty Hurney, Marty Hurney, said: “Squs is the player we want. He has proven that he can complete high level performance at this location. He also has you. All the ability to want. He is smart, strong, flexible, skillful. He is in line with our future blueprint. ”

Thompson is the first round show in 2015, which is currently in the fifth year of the rookie contract. He played his best performance, completed 93 times, cheap jerseys is the best career, and 3 kills, 3 times destroyed passed.

The black leopard currently recorded 5-7, will be held at the home of the town on Sunday, fighting Falcon (3-9).