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Sea Eagle Left Diary Rascier – Aokang chest contusion
During the two weeks, the Seattle Hawks will once again overcome their death enemy & mdash; & mdash; San Francisco 49 people, wholesale Green Bay Packers jerseys from china but the team’s left-off-off Recion Aoang (Russell Okung) was nearly near the end of the end. Chest brown, after treatment, was taken to the hospital, cheap Green Bay Packers jerseys online but also did not have an income.

The TV broadcast screen is roughly reflected at the time, when a Haiying team tried to go to him and prepared to talk, Aikang was angry while bleeding. In addition to being disappointed with the injury, cheap nfl jerseys from china we can’t find anything that can make Akang feel depressed. Okang took a break in the middle of the lounge but did not return to the court, Alvin Bailey as a substitute debut.

When the press conference was accepted, Pete Carroll, the Haiying Team, said: “Aikang’s chest wall has been contused, but I don’t know what this means, the staff sent him to the hospital cheap nfl jerseys for sale examination, The doctor made a simple handling and put him discharged. After two days, there will be further news. “