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Americas Tiger Chongguan En Govi will not participate in the mini training camp
Beijing June 11th, US Time, cheap jerseys online Monday, the American Tiger, the outer rushing, cheap nfl jerseys china Yannick NGAKOUE, said that because of its own needs of the contract, he will not participate in the upcoming Have a mini training camp.

Encuvi said: “As the contract has not been solved, I will not participate in the mini training camp. But I still keep the city, fans and teammates. I hope to continue playing in Jacksonville.”

Encuvi’s rookie contract is about to enter the last year, and the salary is only almost 2 million US dollars. Compared with his data and manufacturers, this price is better than cabbage than cabbage prices. Enskovo completed 29.5 kills in three seasons, compared with Joey Bosa, Joey Bosa, DiForest Buckner and Chris Jones Not inferior.

But do not participate in the mini training camp will also make Encorevi bear the loss: wholesale nfl jerseys online According to the labor agreement, he may be punished up to $ 88650.