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Brown walks Gordon have achieved the first time since 2013
Josh Gordon is almost three years without playing. After returning, he almost has a total number of battles. In the game against the Green Bay packaging, he finally completed the reachable.

Gordon’s 17-yard of the 17th code to help Brown will be divided into 7-7 flat, Miami Dolphins jerseys from china which makes the fans amazed. This is his first ball wholesale nfl jerseys from china the 15th week of the 2013 season.

Gordon completed 3 batches in the whole game to get 69 yards, but after a half of the competition, the package was successfully limited to him and eventually won in the overtime 27-21.

At this game, Brown’s number one passed in front of the game was running Duke Johnson, he ranked first in 52 games 456 yards. Now that Gordon can become the first pickup of the team in the whole team before the end of the season.

But we saw an external connections like Gordon to any team, wholesale New England Patriots jerseys free shipping especially Brown, lacking the value of talents.