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The patriot has signed for two years with the front Brown outside the Wei Hill
The new England patriots lost the Darrelle Revis, but this also made enough salary space for them. On Wednesday, the Patriot announced that the Qiabal Sheard, which was 20.5 million US dollars.

The 25-year-old rushing hand has completed 23 kills in the past four seasons, but the performance of the past two seasons has declined. In the first two seasons in the career, Hilde completed 15.5 kills, cheap nfl jerseys but only 5 times in the last season, the total of 690 defensive, contributed 2 killing.

Hilde’s biggest feature is his comprehensiveness, but he can not only serve as the external guard, but also to the middle line guard position and cheap nfl jerseys from china defensive front line. For patriotism, the team will focus on the front line of 7 due to the discount of the two-line strength. According to reports, the 2011 season’s two-round rookie has caused a strong interest in patriots before being selected by Brown. 4 years later, Hilde’s joining will further enrich the patriotic defensive tactics.