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The new NFL season combat readiness, speed the development of football in China
After a long offseason, NFL Pro Football Major League fans will return this week, the field of view, the resumption of fighting. Beijing time on September 7 in the morning, on the 52nd Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots Union five-time winner in team history to win the Lombardi’s first cup of the Philadelphia Eagles, will usher in a rival Atlanta Falcons challenges at home . This is the last two seasons in the National League Championship match-ups, but also last season’s conference semifinals That classic rerun. By then, the Guangdong Sports, Tencent sports and Blockbuster will this highly anticipated opening match broadcast live.

Who do not three days as impressive. January this year, the two teams met in the playoffs, the Eagles had just lost the main quarterback Carson – Wentz Soon, falcon is to bring the 51st Super Bowl runner-up anger, menacing, vows return to a Super Bowl stadium shame before the snow. However, the Falcons but eventually underdog Eagles played at home 15:10 counter-attack, losing in the League of Nations semi-finals. After a lapse of eight months, the Falcons would have been expensive for the new season, the defending champion Hawks attack again. According to statistics, the two teams had played against 30 times in the regular season, the Hawks with 16 wins and one draw and 13 losses got the upper hand. In this long-awaited double eagle will, in the end is the Eagles to a win open title defense or revenge Falcons staged a good show, let us wait and see!

While the new season opened sky, cheap nfl jerseys online China will also carry out on-line down the line and a variety of promotional activities, showing a higher quality experience for fans watch the games, and constantly enhance the interaction with the fans, cheap jerseys online and promote rugby in China sustainable development. In mid-September, NFL Chinese flag football game will be the first hot war in the North Division. After the flag football moves into China 15 years, this event sponsored by the NFL Chinese from the original only in universities, upgraded to cover 12 cities across the country, set up groups, from preschool to adulthood popular age group 7 tournament , participating teams are expected to break 300 for the first time. It is worth mentioning that the championship U12 category will also receive NFL official invitation to the NFL Pro Bowl activities in January 2019 held. By then, the small players will experience the unique atmosphere of the NFL football up close and get the opportunity to demonstrate their skills with other countries in the same age players. This is also a useful attempt to promote Sino-US exchanges of youth sports. In addition, also for the first time NFL NFL super fans will be set up in China, to contribute to Chinese fans support and love for rugby.

With the continued spread of top quality rugby and NFL China effectively deep plowing relentlessly, rugby in the country has now entered a phase of acceleration, its positive effect on the physique and personal will, independent personality, sense of teamwork and leaders are also being It has been recognized by more people. According to the latest survey data show that there are 30.09 million people on the NFL interested in China. In the 2017-18 season, NFL related content spread to the general public through 15 and digital TV platform. Last season the average weekly NFL-related video playback of up to 10.5 million times, the 52nd Super Bowl-related video playback volume is to reach 169 million times. In terms of participation, young people under the age of 12 across the country are about more than 30,000 football fans, and this figure is expected to exceed 120,000 by 2020. Domestic impact of organized adult rugby team Cheap Jerseys from china free shipping 2014 to 2018 developed eight of 64, the total number of more than 3200.

Ocean, colorful top events, universal detonated fiery passion. The strong gains in Chinese football will also open a new chapter in the autumn season in September, exciting!