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Chicago bear coach Negior: I don’t worry about my handsome security
When the 2018 Zhigago Bear won the National Lianbei District, their future seems to be bright. And the bear coach Matt Nagy was rated as the best coach in the season.

But in nfl jerseys, everything becomes very fast. In the game competition, the bear team suffered five joint defeats at 25-41. Nairi was asked after the game was stable, and he said he didn’t worry.

“No, I don’t worry,” Naji said.

The bear team has achieved 5 wins this season, wholesale cheap jerseys outlet but many people doubt the color of this record because the offensive group plays a bad. Five in the 5th game was a team that was less than 50% in the gap within 1 time.

Naji replaced the front first round of Siwei Mi Trubisky, while Nick foles finally completed reversal after the Nick foles. But Falls is equally poor in the first time, and Naji finally handed the task of the offensive tactics to the Bill Lazor. But in the 2 games commanded by Razjo, the performance of the offensive group did not have color.

In the 10th week, in the game of Minnesotida, the bear offensive group did not achieve the reachable. In the game of the burst, the bear team is behind the half, so that the second half has become garbage time. Despite the work in the offensive master Andy REID, Naji has not been able to solve the stubborn disease of the bear offensive group. Before this competition, the bear offensive group was in the union ranking second.

“We understand the current situation. When you play this performance, you have to ask yourself,” Niji said. “You have to stop the battle. You have two different directions.”

“But as a leader’s mission is to make sure they understand this. It is obvious that it has been very difficult in the past 5 weeks. We all want to win. But I am still here’s the only reason is to fight and lead the team, in this way This makes me feel the most important thing. How will you deal with this period? I think this is a test of true character. ”

For cheap jerseys for sale Naji, unfortunately, he can also have a unknown to a unknown, and the current result is unfavorable.