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The lion quartz gay Jarride – Gaoff: wholesale jerseys for sale did not feel the resentment for wholesale nfl jerseys from china the ram
After the tour of the Los Angeles Ranger, Jared Goff will now become the first quarter of the Detroit Lion.

On Friday afternoon, Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Gaoff first and the media met after joining the lion. I didn’t accidentally, he was asked many questions about the relationship between this transaction and his relationship between him and the ram.

Gao Fu mentioned that he was “down for 2 minutes” after the trading, but then he passed on the high-level and coach team. He also referred to his high-rise, but he did not want to disclose specific details.

“I have this idea immediately. (I think) & lsquo; Ok, this is where I should stay. This is what should happen, & rsquo;” Gao Fu said.

“I am very grateful to spend there. I have a lot of great conferences, have paid many great friends, there have many great front teammates. I have learned a lot there,” Gao Fu said. “I didn’t feel resentful. I want to continue my life and career, this is the next chapter & mdash; & mdash; it starts today. But I have spent so much wonderful time, I am grateful to all the experience ”

“We have achieved a lot of success there. I have to achieve a lot of success there. As I mentioned, I have spent a lot of beautiful times. Unfortunately, this day will never end as you wish. But the reality is true. The only constant constant constant in this alliance is changed, and each break is the same. Each break is changing, this is part of my change. I am excited. ”

Although Gao Fu said that the ram did not feel dissatisfied, he still thought that this deal gave his motivation.

“I think first, of course. I think this makes you a little bit of power. I will not lie about it,” Gao Fu said. “You really feel more power. And, I once again said that I was grateful to all the time that spent there. But yes, you really feel the power. You really feel a little & lsquo; okay, let us look now What can we do & rsquo; ideas.

Although the lion still has a certain selection of four-point guard this year, it is obvious that the Gaoff is very motivated to prove that he can dedicate high levels in the lion in the new season.