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Brown cut off the insider trading allegation line Wei KC Drex
The US Eastern District Prosecutor’s Office announced on Wednesday morning, cheap china jerseys free shipping the front of the Brown, frontier, MYCHAL KENDRICKS, was controlled by insider trading. Take the night, Brown will cut KFCs.

According to the US Prosecutor William McSwain, KFRX and the common defendant Damillare & Middot; SonyLare Sonoiki is accused of having a sanctuary securities fraud and A securities fraud.

According to the prosecutor Maxwin, the importance of the global investment company banker Sonykki is investing in July 2015 to March 2015, which is less than $ 1.2 million. As the exchange information, KFRix gives Sony 10,000 US dollars and eagle tickets.

KFRix was effective for the eagle in 2012 to 2017, followed by a one-year contract with the Brown team in the offset period.

KFRX is also awarded a declaration in twezing, claiming that he has recognized the seriousness of the problem and will actively cooperate with the investigation. If the crime is established, KFRX will face the highest sentence in 25 years imprisonment, 3 years of supervision release and 5,250,000 US fines, and the payments obtained by confiscation of these crimes.

Brown also responded: “We have gotten in contact with the Alliance Office and fight for more information. KFRix will not come to Detroit to participate in the fourth episode. After you have a suitable time, we will share this Progress. ”

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