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On Monday Night Tourism: Jet decision makers in progress
Although a series of errors caused the jet flex to be frustrated to the packaging team last weekend, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping it does not affect our optimistic attitude towards the prospects of the jet. The reason is the main four-point Weijino-Smith (Geno Smith) has gradually showed continuous improvement in the 13 weeks last year, and he has gradually showed a constant progress in the game. In that competition, he only successfully successfully successfully. Get 29 yards and 1 time to be copied, Seattle Seahawks jerseys free shipping and the minimum half of the career is now replaced.

Comprehensively, the data analysis of the first year and this year’s heads, removing the interference factors of various rumors, and he passed the success rate of 63% under the previous 12 games in the career, and there were 12 The times were copied and scored -6 points. After 13 weeks later, in the last 6 games in the first 2 games this season, the success rate of passing to 72%, wholesale nfl jerseys for sale only 2 times were copied, and the score arrived at +8.6. In the face of oppression, Smith also shows the progress of avoiding the killing. In the first 12 games of his first 12, the ranking of 23% is the third high, and only 10% of the last 6 games is the lowest in the league.

These advancements helped the jet fleet to maintain a higher level of continuous propulsion. He only led the jet team in the first 12 games to complete the advancement of 70 yards, and reached 16 times in the last 6 games, compared The second column of the league. In the upcoming Monday night game, the defensive guard line struggled in the jet will face the sharp Chicago Bear to attack, and wholesale Seattle Seahawks jerseys from china the excellent play of Smith can maintain a score gap. We predict that he has the ability to do these