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Lions Run Johnson is added to the injury reserve list
Tuesday, the official declared the official, and Kerryon Johnson will be added to the injury reserves due to knee injury.

This is not Johnson’s first time because of injury to shorten the game time, his rookie season is also reimbursed after 10 games.

Johnson will absent at least eight games, cheap nfl jerseys eight weeks after he can be activated to a big list. He was injured in the first quarter of the game of Viking, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping and then did not return to the stadium.

At present, wholesale nfl jerseys for sale Johnson’s scorpion code is only 3.3, but his 308-yard rushing is still the first in the team, and it is also the only ground score of Detroit.

Johnson is absent, the former Haiye runs JD McGi McKissic (15th shock, push 109 yards) and six-wheeled Xiu Tai – Johnson (6 shock balls, wholesale Denver Broncos jerseys free shipping 83 yards) may get more opportunities.