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Griffin III: The team will not force me to take a hurt
Robert Griffin III issued a statement on the local time, wholesale nfl jerseys outlet saying that he would not venture before the ankle injury is not fully recovered. Griffin said: “I am still in the injury recovery period. I have tried to make progress every day. As the saying goes, the big husband can flexate, I will wait patiently.”

In an interview, Griffin emphasized that Washington’s red skin would not ask himself to barely hurt. Although this week’s opponent is a hot Dallas cowboy. The results of this game will also affect the trend of the red skin, but Griffin and team have reached unanimously debut. Main Coach Jie Gruden also said that only 100% of healthy Griffin can become the first team of the team.

Earlier this week, Grunette has said that if Griffin is still unable to appear, the team’s first hair will be the three quartz satellite – McCoy. The Hongpi Program officially announced the first time on Monday on the local time, wholesale nfl jerseys usa but if there is no accident, McCay will lead the red skin to go all over the 8th week.